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Connecting…….why and how?

Connection, love and belonging are in our DNA. We simply cannot exist without them. And we require them in order to feel complete. People with whole hearts put good out into the world, and that benefits all of us.

Today’s world makes it difficult for us to truly connect with each other. Our busy lives get in the way, as do our fear of judgement and our inability to accept ourselves for who we really are. We know this, but we’re either too busy or too afraid to do anything about it. And so…we continue to travel down an empty road with little gas. We forget who we are, where we’re going and how to get there, leaving us discouraged, emotionally isolated and needy.

This Girl Puts Out is a place for you to find yourself again, connecting with other women by sharing stories of your not-so-perfect life. Sharing our vulnerabilities and experiences helps both the reader and the writer experience the wholeness that comes from having our needs for connection and being loved met. And more whole hearts make the world a better place. So put something out, fill someone up and change the world. One story at time.

This Girl's Podcast

I’ve met some amazing women in my lifetime. They have not achieved celebrity status and you wouldn’t call them “influencers” by today’s standards, but they have all made an impact. Their stories are worth hearing, and so is yours!

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From single mom, broke and broken, to queen bee of her own digital hive, listen to Lisa’s personal and professional journey to success on her terms.


Editor’s Blog

When you have your own website, you get your own blog! Sharing and writing are second nature for me, sometimes to a fault. But after 51 years, I’ve got lots to share, so sit down and join me in reliving some of the humorous, embarrassing, thoughtful, frightening, sad, joyful and a’ha! moments of my life…..xo

When Conflict Brings Clarity

When Conflict Brings Clarity

None of us like conflict, or knowing someone is angry at us. It’s our nature to be in harmony and “connected” to others. People may say, “I don’t care if they’re mad at me, that’s their problem”, but the heart truly doesn’t rest until the conflict is resolved. The...

Writing Your Story, FAQs

Writing Your Story, FAQs

Many of you have expressed interest in contributing to TGPO with a written story, but don’t know where to begin! Here are answers to some of the common questions I’ve received.  What do I write about? We all have those memories, the ones that stick with us. A...

Here We Go….

Here We Go….

As I sit here on the eve of my website and podcast launch, I am filled with emotions from pride to trepidation. My heart is full when I look at the project as a whole. I am humbly pleased. As I see the pictures of my beautiful family displayed, I am tearful....

A Girl for All Seasons

A Girl for All Seasons

The jig is up……I have to come clean. I’ve been pretty much a no-show for the last several months. I’ve thought deeply about this communication, and what I might say to explain my absence. But the truth is, my answer is multifactorial and changes daily. One thing I...

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Starting a business is no joke. These ladies defied the odds and risked it all to build their dreams. Support and elevate your fellow sisters by using their services and products. 


This month’s featured woman-owned business is Workbea Digital.

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