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On This Girl Puts Out Episode 7, we meet Alexandra Jeffert, a female empowerment and mindset coach currently based in the UK. She talks to us about her jump from the corporate world to entrepreneur, and all the stumbles in between. Alexandra shares how her personal experiences shaped her dreams and her work. She graciously shares with us several pearls on breakup recovery, and why she believes personal coaching to be helpful and empowering for women.


On Episode 8, we meet Catherine Stack, owner, facilitator, and Doctor of Naturopathy at Journey II Health, LLC. She shares her story of becoming a nurse entrepreneur, the challenges of starting and maintaining a business, and balancing work and family. Cathi’s journey through life and career is beautifully told as she generously shares some of her vast knowledge of bowel health and women’s’ wellness. Although she never planned on becoming an author, Cathi’s passion to share her knowledge and her love for the healing arts evolved into two books that she briefly discusses, the award-winning Free Yourself from a Constipated Life, and PUSH Labor & Delivery from the Inside Out.

On Episode 9, we meet Shieke Sharpe, CPA, CFE, owner of Shieke Sharpe Consulting. Originally from Jamaica, Shieke came to the United States with $200 in her pocket and a partial college scholarship. Her story is the epitome of the American Dream, but realizing this dream was not without challenges. Shieke inspires listeners with her story of overcoming obstacles, hard work and perseverance, ultimately becoming a business owner and founder of the Future Bright Foundation. Her mantra, Better Done than Perfect will resonate with listeners as they listen to Shieke tell her story. 

Meghan is a 37-year-old mother with 5-year old twin girls. She graciously agreed to tell her story of her girls’ early birth, two-month stay in the NICU, and life at home, in the hopes of supporting other moms and their families who might have a similar experience. This very detailed account of her family’s experience will give listeners a deep look at the challenges they faced, and how they dealt with them. Anger, guilt, fear, love and gratitude…..described in detail by this very wise young lady who generously and lovingly shares it all.

Michelle Anhang, BA, CPCC, PCC is the owner of Michelle Anhang Coaching. She shares with us how shame shaped her life, leading to a lack of joy and fulfillment. Her story of overcoming shame is emotional and moving, as she tells of the family tragedy and other events that helped her decide to live her life differently. Michelle used her life experiences to bravely guide her into a new career, where she gets to help and support others to find balance and build resilience in their own lives.

On This Girl Puts Out podcast episode #1, we meet Joanna, who shares her experience with anxiety and depression. Joanna takes us from her first symptoms in elementary school through her young adult years and finally to a diagnosis. She candidly shares details about her highest and lowest moments with chronic mental illness, and how it’s affected her life as a mother, wife, and professional.

On This Girl Puts Out Podcast #2, we meet Lisa, a powerhouse entrepreneur who used her wit, knowledge and street smarts to redefine her life on her terms. Listen to her journey from struggling single mom to the queen of her own digital empire. Lisa graciously shares entrepreneurial pearls and her secrets to success. 

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On This Girl Puts Out Podcast #3, we meet Chelsea, owner of Chelsea Modern Images photography studio. She shares her journey to entrepreneurship, along with its’ challenges and successes. We talk about trusting your instincts, standing out in your industry, balancing work and motherhood, and staying current in a constantly changing tech world. Chelsea engagingly shares the risks she took in life and business, along with advice for new business owners. To learn about Chelsea’s work, visit her at:

On This Girl Puts Out podcast episode #4, we meet Rene’, who candidly shares her recent experience with breast cancer. She takes us through the emotional rollercoaster of diagnosis, her treatment, and reconstructive surgery. Rene’ tells us how she coped, how some days she didn’t, and how her diagnosis affected her and those close to her. 

On This Girl Puts Out Podcast #5, we meet Jennifer, who tells us about her experience with domestic abuse. Listen as she shares details about her life both before and after her experience, red flags, how she coped during this time, her life now and what she wants other victims of abuse to know.

Anne Whitehouse is the author of ‘Pull Back Your Power’, a Ph.D. scientist, women’s success coach, and subconscious healing specialist.   Following her burnout in the ‘boys’ club’ world of engineering, she developed a pioneering system that frees women from the toxic energies of the status quo, so they can speak up, level the energetic playing field, and succeed without being undermined or sacrificing their feminine energy.  Connect with Anne at and download your highest success meditation.

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