Infidelity can destroy the self-worth and self-confidence of the betrayed. How does one get past the hurt and rebuild? Listen to Dr. Trina Dorrah tell us her personal story. We talk about her experience from her first suspicion, through her pain and self-doubt, to her recovery. Be uplifted and inspired, as we hear how her story lead to a brilliant silver lining, and to her ultimately finding and fulfilling her life’s new purpose.

Trina Dorrah, MD, MPH is an internal medicine physician hospitalist and the founder of Dr. Trina Dorrah Life Coaching. Dr. Dorrah obtained her medical degree from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, and she completed her internal medicine residency and master of public health at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. She completed her fellowship in quality improvement through the VA Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama.

Dr. Dorrah is a certified life coach and women’s divorce recovery coach. Her mission is to help divorced women finally move past the pain of divorce and infidelity, so they can get over their ex and get on with their lives. She loves helping women heal, and she truly believes divorce is not the end of their story.

Dr. Dorrah believes life coaching can bring healing even in the midst of divorce, as she has been able to recover and thrive from her own divorce. She is excited to use her personal knowledge and experience to help women as they navigate divorce and infidelity. She truly believes beauty can still be found amidst the ashes, and she loves helping her clients realize this as well.