Many of you have expressed interest in contributing to TGPO with a written story, but don’t know where to begin! Here are answers to some of the common questions I’ve received. 

What do I write about?

We all have those memories, the ones that stick with us. A time we were embarrassed, a time when we made a lousy choice, a time that we were transformed by an event, good or bad. We all have moments, events, stories or thoughts that have shaped and defined us. You’ve told these stories to make someone feel better, or maybe even to help yourself. Perhaps this is the first time you’re sharing. You can start there, or use a memory jogger list for ideas. There are lots of them online. My Pinterest page has some good resources. 

What if I don’t want to use my name?

Most authors use their first name only. But you don’t have to use your name at all if you don’t want to! Lots of authors use a pen name, which is sort of cool, right? The most important thing is that you’re writing! Think about this though, using your name does carry some therapeutic value. Putting your name on your story means you are truly owning it. But if you’re not ready, that’s OK too. I would rather you write than not. My guess is that by the time you finish it, you’ll want to put your name on it! 

How long should my story be?

There are no restrictions on length.

I’ve never written before, where do I start?

Once you’ve settled on your story topic, you can organize your ideas into groups, or just free flow it! Use your pen like it’s hot, Get your thoughts down even just using words and phrases. Once you get it down, you might be able to “see” how the story should flow and you can then build and organize it into little chunks. Then put those chunks together in the order they flow. Fear not, if this doesn’t work for you, reach out! We can work together to put those thoughts and ideas you want to share into a story you will be proud of. Find more tips here on my Pinterest page:

What if I’m a lousy writer?

Everyone starts somewhere. You can’t wait to become a “good” writer to do this. Just start. Thoughts and ideas will come once you get rolling. And if all you have are a few words and phrases, it’s OK. Let it sit for a day or two. Things will creep into your mind at the craziest times. I proofread all submissions for appropriateness and readability. I may make suggestions or edits, which you can either accept or reject. I will publish your story only with both of our approvals and only after you are happy with it! 

Now get writing! 

xo Karm